When employees bring their own devices to work (BYOD) and use them to share files and data inside and outside the office, it is difficult for IT to maintain visibility and control. This has created a new trend, called the consumerization of IT, which includes BYOD, the use of third-party cloud services and applications such as cloud storage and social media.
This trend is being driven by simple, accessible, and pervasive technology that frees people to work anytime, anywhere. According to Gartner, the “consumerization of IT” will be the most significant trend affecting IT for the next ten years. And, it includes mobile device management, application management, data protection, IT security—and more.
Enterprises can take advantage of BYOD and consumerization with a strategy to reduce security risks, financial exposure, and management chaos. This strategy helps IT balance the risk against the benefits of consumerization with a solutions infrastructure and BYOD program to help IT:

  • Regain visibility and control by managing company data and limiting liabilities on personal devices
  • Share corporate data confidently with secure access, backup, and file sharing
  • Protect data wherever it goes with context-aware security

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